What if there is an easy way to foresee incidents?

OpsMagic is a collection of service designed to reduce incident resolution time by empowering your team to collaborate across an organization in real-time. It enables data collection, visualization and incident management of your IT system and services all in one place.

Our Product

Real-time Ops Insights

Visualize the real-time operational data.

Data Collection

OpsMagic can collect time series data from any Sensor or IT Monitoring System.

Alert from complex metrics

Receive alerts when your data metric crosses a threshold.

Incident Management

Notify and empower the right people to take the right action when incident occurs.

Team On-call Management

Resolve complex incidents faster with team level escalation.

Easy Integrations

OpsMagic can be eassly integrated with your monitoring stack

Keep your business always up

Infrastructure failure has an average hourly cost of $100k, while critical application failure has an average cost of $500k to $1m per hour. Any kind of business needs a quick incident response and resolution processes in place. That enables organizations to get the most out of their digital investments.

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